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The City of Merkel is an Equal Opportunity/Reasonable Accommodation/At Will employer and does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status.





A precursory background check will be performed. After the end date of the employment posting, you will be scheduled for an initial interview and firearms qualification.



The first part of this process is similar to the firearms qualification that you are familiar with, either from previous agencies or your academy firearms qualification. You will need to provide 50 rounds of ammunition, your duty weapon, and duty gear. There is no specified configuration for your duty belt, although you will be required to have, at a minimum, a (2) two mag holder and level 2 weapon holster. You will need to have a minimum of (3) three magazines. We have departmental eye and ear protection, but you are welcome to bring your own. You must meet the minimum TCOLE standards of 70% or you will not proceed to the next phase of the process. There are no re-shoots, so make time prior to ensure you are proficient with your weapon.



The interview board is made up of senior officers and civilian personnel selected by the Chief of Police to administer a knowledge-based interview. This interview will be based on general law enforcement knowledge and scenario-based questions delivered in a panel style interview. This is a point-based system and graded on (3) three main areas; Knowledge correctness, demeanor, and confidence. Once all interviews have been completed, the assigned board chairperson will take all the score sheets and submit a general report and grade for each applicant. Chief of Police will review each applicants packet. Those moving to the next phase of the process will be contacted and assigned a background investigator.



Once you have been assigned to a background investigator, that investigator will contact you and schedule your background interview. The background investigator will instruct you on what documents to bring in. Make sure you have reviewed your PHS thoroughly and have all your original documents in order and prepared prior to this. The investigator will go through every section of your PHS with you and go over anything that you may have questions over or anything that needs further explanation. It is extremely important that you are completely honest and have full disclosure during this time. Information found to be inconsistent with what you have provided or omitted entirely, may be listed as a “failure to disclose” and subject to dismissal from the application process.



After your background investigation is completed and everything is submitted to the Chief of Police for review, the remaining applicants will be contacted and scheduled a final interview. This could require more than one interview, depending on the number of eligible applicants remaining. This is considered a formal interview, dress for success. This interview is conducted by the Chief of Police, City Manager, and the City Secretary (HR) and any other administrators applicable to the position you are applying for. The purpose is to get to know about you, your experience, and just a more personable interview so we can know more about who you are.



The final selection, in most cases, happens within a week of the final interviews. Once the Chief of Police has reviewed all applicants, a formal recommendation is made to the City Manager. Once approved by the City Manager, the Chief of Police will contact the applicant and present a formal Offer of Employment and Employment Agreement. Upon acceptance, the applicant will then begin the New Hire Process.


NON-SELECTED APPLICANTS (Excluding Disqualified Applicants)

If you are not selected, the department will hold your application and packet for 24 months. It is your responsibility to keep the agency updated on any changes to your PHS that may occur during this time frame. In the event you are re-contacted for another employment opportunity, you are subject to the same process as an initial applicant. If you wish to have your application and packet withdrawn from future consideration, you will need to submit a letter in writing. After 2 years you will be required to reapply.



If you have filed application with the City of Merkel’s Police Department and received notice that you have been disqualified as an applicant, you are not eligible to reapply. This does not exclude you from applying for other city services outside of this department.



This process usually happens fairly quickly from the end date of the employment posting and, in most cases, we have a selection made within 30-45 days. Times vary based on workload for the department, number of applicants, and background investigations.If you have any questions regarding this process, you may contact your assigned background investigator or the Chief of Police directly at (325) 928-4911.


Thank you for your interest in the City of Merkel and the Merkel Police Department.

"Pride in Community, Serving with Honor"

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