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Welcome to the Merkel Police Department Online Crime Reporting.  IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, DIAL 911.  Using this system allows citizens to create a police report, print the report for free, and be issued an online report case number for future reference.  Before making an online report, please make sure what you are reporting meets the following criteria;


  • If this is an emergency, do not file a report online, call 911 immediately.

  • Did this happen within the Municipal City Limits of Merkel, Taylor County, Texas?  If not, contact the appropriate agency for your area.

  • Do you know who did this?  If "YES", DO NOT file an online report, contact the Merkel Police Department at (325) 928-4766.

Upon completing your online report, you will be given a confirmation number that will be linked to an agency case number.  Your report will be reviewed and, if needed, you will be contacted by the officer assigned to the investigation.  Citizens are encouraged to use the Online Crime Reporting for such cases like;


  • Telephone Harassment

  • Property Damage

  • Property Theft

  • Supplemental Reports

If you are not sure if you should file an online report, please contact us at (325) 928-4766.

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