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The Merkel Police Department currently operates twenty four hours and day, seven days a week and is the primary law enforcement agency for the City of Merkel, Texas.  The department has a number of responsibilities from community patrol, criminal investigations, evidence processing, and records management.  The Command Staff is responsible for each area assigned to them and the officers and staff in their division.

Command Staff

Phillip Conklin
Chief of Police
Cody Branson
Patrol Operations
Juvenile Investigations
Reserve Program

Sworn Officers

The role of a Merkel Police Officer is very intensive.  The primary role is to protect the citizens and their property from the consequences of criminal activity.  This includes conducting routine patrols of the community, responding to all calls for service from our citizens, conducting criminal investigations, effecting necessary arrests, enforcing traffic enforcement, assisting various city divisions when requested, to include; animal control enforcement, code enforcement, and public works.  The officers of the department must always be professional in their duties and display respect to the citizens in which we serve.

Officers are also required to process necessary evidence related to criminal investigations, produce and maintain appropriate records and documentation related to criminal investigations.

If you are interested in starting a career in law enforcement, click HERE to view some local resources and opportunities to get you started!

Now Hiring
Police Officer
Now Hiring
Police Officer
Edgar Sanchez
Police Officer

Officer Edgar Sanchez


Juvenile Division

The primary role of the Juvenile Investigator is as a School Resource Officer for the Merkel Independent School District.  The partnership between the district and the Merkel Police Department is to ensure the safety and security of all children that attend school within the district, investigate criminal offenses that occur on district property, during school operating hours, that arise to a Class B misdemeanor or above, and to work directly with the district administration in ways to effectively educate our children and parents to prevent criminal activity within our school campuses.  The investigator handles all criminal investigations within the department where a juvenile may be listed as a suspect or party to a crime.  The investigator also works directly with Texas Department of Family and Protective Service, Child Protection Investigators and Special Investigators.

Julie Harrison
Juvenile Resource Officer

Officer Julie Harrison

Juvenile Investigator

School Resource Officer


Reserve Officers

The role of a Merkel Police Part-Time Sworn Officer is no different than that of a full-time officer.  Their primary role is to supplement the full-time personnel during special events, major criminal investigations, and to assist in fulfilling other obligations the department may have in assisting in the City during peek periods when an additional law enforcement presence is necessary to deter or prevent criminal activity.  Part-time Officers can also be a vital asset to the City during times of emergency management.

To qualify to be a part-time officer, they are required to a have a minimum amount of law enforcement experience in a similar size and type agency or larger, this is largely in part to budgetary restraints and personnel restraints regarding the training required to train a new officer.  Click HERE for more information.

If you are interested in starting a career in law enforcement with the Merkel Police Department, click HERE to view our Application and Selection Process.

Amber Thompson
Police Officer - Reserve

Officer Amber Thompson

Brett Siegfried
Police Officer - Reserve

Officer Brett Siegfried


The Merkel Police Department depends largely on the civilians that provide assistance in various areas of Law Enforcement.  The Sworn Officers of the department could not accomplish what they do without the supplemental support of our civilian colleagues.  The roles and duties of our civilian personnel range from Information Technology, Human Resources, and the Municipal Court.

Civilian Support Staff

Evelyn Morse
Human Resources
Beatriz Perez
Municipal Court Clerk
Stephanie Lebowitz
Emergency Management

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