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Merkel Police Department

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The Merkel Police Department is a Municipal Department of the City of Merkel, Texas

Ride-Along Program

The goal of the Ride-Along Program is to provide citizens the opportunity to observe patrol operations.

If you are interested in riding along with a police officer, contact the Chief of Police for information and scheduling.

  • You will need to arrange the ride-in at least 72 hours in advance to facilitate the scheduling. 

  • You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to ride-along. 

  • Only one (1) ride-along is permitted within a six (6) month period and only one (1) ride-along with a specific officer is permitted annually. 

  • Please read the instructions below under "Forms" before arriving for your ride-along.

  • The use of audio and/or video recording devices, including but not limited to, cell phones or tablets/video during the duration of the ride-along is prohibited unless prior authorization is received from the Chief of Police.

For the safety of the ride-along participant and keeping with a professional image, the following dress code will be enforced:

  • Business casual attire which shall include, but not limited to, traditional dress shirts, knit shirts with placket and collar, sweaters, and slacks or dress jeans. Foot wear should be conservative and comfortable, foot wear like tennis and hiking shoes are acceptable. Sworn personnel from other jurisdictions and military personnel will be requested to dress in business casual and not wear their uniform.

  • Inappropriate attire includes:

    • Shorts or cut-off jeans

    • Tank tops or halter tops

    • Clothing bearing any sign or symbol that advertises any product, business, or organization. An exception is the logo shirts worn by the police support or service groups

    • Clothing with offensive designs, logos, slogans, letters, or fit

    • Flip flops, open or slide-on sandals

    • Clothing intentionally provocative or offensive.